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Ame Pure Peels So Good!

Mia Nova

Ame Pure Peels So Good!

So, you’ve been spending money on all these expensive moisturisers but still don’t feel like they’re doing the job? I hear you; I really do...

A few years ago, I noticed that I was starting to get wrinkles, it was a nice Sunday afternoon whilst heading to meet the girls for lunch when I glanced in the shop window and saw how aged I looked, horror! I suddenly saw this huge vertical line between my eyes – what I’d later learn was something called "glabellar", what my friends and I would refer to as "the bum".

In fear of aging and looking older than my years I started splashing out on the most expensive and over-priced face moisturisers. The first wouldn’t work so I buy the next best one and so on, each one getting more and more expensive. And yet "the bum" was still there in plain sight. Not only were these not helping with my wrinkle issue, but they were also not improving my skin tone – My skin still looked exactly like a rainy autumn day... Grey, dull and tired.

I was at that point where I was ready to give in and have botox injections, I felt this was my last resort, but it’s just a short-term solution that would only fill "the bum" rather than improve my skin and help it heal.

It was then that I discovered my Prince Charming (or Princess – I’m all for girl power) in Âme Pure "Peels So Good". I’ll explain why it’s so good and also save you a small fortune by not having to waste your money as I did.

Your skin undergoes a natural turnover cycle every 30 days or so. When this happens, the top layer of your skin (epidermis) sheds, revealing new skin from the middle layer of your skin (dermis). So the top layer of the skin is "dead skin'' - and just as it was ready to leave your skin - you added some super moisturising face cream - basically meaning the ''dry and dead skin'' has now not only gone soft, making your skin patchy, it now sticks and stays – in help of that moisturiser. You are now creating layer after layer on top of your skin with ''dead skin'' and moisturising cream. To break that barrier – you MUST exfoliate your skin. This Âme Pure "Peels So Good" gentle AHA/BHA peeling gel gives baby-smooth & deeply hydrated skin in seconds, without any harsh scrubbing! What makes it unique is its revolutionary blend of fruit acids that visibly lift off dead skin cells! And the effects of which start immediately after the first use!!! After just a few seconds of using it, you will see your dead skin cells on your hands! Another fantastic thing about Âme Pure "Peels So Good" is that there is no downtime, you won't be left with bright burning red skin, which also makes it excellent for those with sensitive skin, or ones, like myself, with my blood vessels very close to my skin, meaning harsh peelings would of only made it worse. Now, only now, after using "Peels So Good" – your favourite moisturizer and serum can do its magic and actually start to get rid of all the fine wrinkles!

The resume of this is that, now, years older than I was back then, my skin looks smoother, brighter and softer. I have had so many compliments about my skin looking radiant and glowing!

I finally allowed the moisturizing creams to do their magic. And now I feel more confident without wearing makeup, thanks to this new discovered skincare routine. Not only feel less need to use foundation, I also have noticed that my foundation looks better when it's on, there are no more dry patches or my foundation doesn't turn into small balls, since before it would have been mixing with the layers of my dead skin wrapped into face creams.

Give it a go and see the difference yourself!


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